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wizard outboard

How much are these old wizard outboards worth on the low end. I have one but not able to find out what year it is I think it is around a 1954. Where do you find the model number on these things.

Re: wizard outboard


Surprisingly, not that much ... but worth is very subjective and condition is going to be the determining factor. Low end ... hard to say, but under $50 is probably fair.

As far as the model number, if it is around 1954, yours was made by Mercury. There should be a tag mounted on the lower leg just beneath the powerhead with model and serial number. If the tag is missing, post a picture and we should be able to narrow it down for you.


Re: wizard outboard

Low end is price of scrap metal...I used to buy old
outboards at local recycler for a little above scrap.
High end is $100+ plus area depending upon condition
and model...still fairly low compared to new or late
model outboard. Significant reason for fall off in
value of old outboards is that dealers will not service older outboards and finding parts can sometimes be a problem. Any old outboard is pretty
much a "pig in the poke" unless it can be demonstrated to start easily and run smoothly.
Even then there is no guarantee it will continue
to run flawlessly.
Certain models will command higher prices ,but,
the same condition items apply...the old outboard
that only needs fresh fuel to be truely boat ready is
a very rare exception to the rule.
Identification tag usually on side of leg or on
clamp handle bracket assembly. Not unknown for id
plate to be missing as outboard motors are portable
property...many were stolen and missing id tag may
represent an attempt to "muddy the water." Kiekhaefer
and OMC each sent their dealers stolen motors watch
lists so it must have been a serious problem. Later
motors have serial numbers on id tag and on engine.