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Wizard Powermatic 12hp

I am wanting to buy a Wizard Powermatic 12hp from a local guy. How much is to much for one that runs? Not perfect. May need lower unit work. Complete though. Thanks for any advise, and help.

Re: Wizard Powermatic 12hp

The pricing is very subjective, and overall condition is going to be the determining factor. Lower unit work can get pricey depending on the issue. It would be good to check the powerhead to ensure you have good compression, too. I would think you would want something in the neighborhood of 100 PSI on each cylinder with no more than a 10% difference between the two.

The Powermatic 12 is a good motor. I'd be a little concerned about the lower unit, after the powerhead, that can be the second most expensive part of the motor to work on depending on the issue. Do you know what the problem is? If the lower unit is shot, I wouldn't pay much for the motor.


Re: Wizard Powermatic 12hp

The fair market value of an outboard motor with problems is a fraction of same outboard in good
running condition. Looks have a severe impact on
value as well. Some missing parts are very expensive
due to low supply and high demand.
We all hope to find a gently used, well cared for, properly stored outboard motor that is ready for
immediate use...if such a motor exists it would
be worth more than the average...a nonrunning outboard with an unrepaired unknown problem likewise
will depart from average price in opposite direction and by a substantial amount.
Example: there is a Sea King model 8820 on ebay
today (03/22/10) with a buy it now price of $495
plus s&h looks 100% better than new...a few years
ago I bought one at a meet that was stuck with
a rusted gas tank for $30.
Do you have the time, workspace/tools and patience
to do the work yourself...if you can even find a
professional to do the work the bill will be a
deal breaker.
All the above negatives aside,if you can get motor
at a price you can live with and if you are willing
to take a chance on your ability and possibiliy
that all you have acquired is an incomplete collection
of expensive parts...have at it.
There are very few old outboards that are once in
a lifetime opportunities. Yours might be worth going
for if you can buy it at a price that fairly reflects
its as yet not fully known condition...even at that
expect to spend an equal or greater amount to get
it into decent shape. Seller has choice of setting
a real world price or finding someone who will pay
an ebay price. Any price you pay is a gamble you
can solve problem at a reasonable cost. If it were
my money $75 would be upper limit and I would try
to get it for less.