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I need to know how much my motor is worth????

I have a 1952 Wizard wh7 10HP. It is in good condition. The person that gave me this motor said that he was offered $600 for it as a collectible. I need to know if that is a good estimate or what price I could sell it for. Where I could sell it also.

Re: I need to know how much my motor is worth????

Price on these is very subjective, and even in great condition, they are typically valued much lower than one would suspect. $600 sounds a little high to me, but that might just be me. It is based on a fairly collectible Merc version, so you will definitely get interest.

You might try advertising through I would suggest listing for your top price with an "or best offer" caveat. You'll find out pretty quickly what buyers think it is worth.

Good luck!

Re: I need to know how much my motor is worth????

Value of an old outboard motor can be a slippery concept because it depends...someone clearing out
a collection of mixed junk may just put it out
at curb in hopes someone will haul it away...
...later to appear on ebay and set a record price...
...or maybe/maybe not. ..for almost all outboard motors the supply of motors exceeds number of those interested with cash in hand. A motor that
can not be shown to start and run is of little
interest to those without mechanical ability
and knowledge. Nonrunning outboards in less than pristine cometic condition do not command premium prices.
Even at outboard meets most motors go home
with same owners...and prices there tend to be
very realistic...those who attend meets
know from experience that the purchase price is
only the tip of the iceberg.
Whatever price estimate I or anyone else could
give is subject to local market having ready
willing and able buyers. If I or anyone else
knows how to set and get a "best" price we
could charge for our knowledge.
Really rare motors in exceptional condition do
command high prices, but, there are relatively few
who can afford to pay premium price...those
few can be very selective hard bargainers unless
in an auction against equally capable bidders...
auctioneers love bidding wars that drive selling
price several times their preauction estimates...
and do not like it when something goes for far auction can go either way.
I have bid on ebay, bought from craigslist, attended
live auctions, bought/sold at swap meets, garage sales
flea markets...all can be best/worst places to buy
or sell...prices all over the map all merchandise
as is where is.
Good Luck