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Wizard 7.5 hp

I have a motoe like stan Jackson's in your photo section... Can you tell me a little more about it...year model maker (mercury).. I know nothing about but was given to me recently



Re: Wizard 7.5 hp


You have an early 60's McCulloch-made Wizard - lowboy variety. These are the same as the last of the Elgins and the early Ted Williams branded outboards sold at Sears. The McCulloch outboards have a reputation for being temperamental ... not the best idlers in the world. Parts are a little tough to come by since McCulloch got out of the outboard business decades ago -- but ebay is a good source, as there are still lots of these motors floating around (mainly those marketed under the Sears labels).

If you post your model and serial number, we should be able to give you an exact year.


Re: Wizard 7.5 hp

Thanks so much for the reply..

Can you tell me what year and any additional info you might have icluding if it worth anything.. I was going to refurbish it..
model MLM6908B
serial c7eb-5687

Re: Wizard 7.5 hp

Bob - it is a 1961. It probably isn't worth a lot of money for resale, but it might be a fun restoration for your personal use. But, before you sink money into it, check to compression on the cylinders and determine whether or not you have spark. If your compression is real low or uneven, it may not be worth the investment. If you don't have spark, you might want to look into how much replacement coils are going to be.

Check back here with questions. Discount Marine (google 'em) would be a good starting place for parts.

Good luck!

Re: Wizard 7.5 hp

Just for your reference, here is one branded as a true McCulloch: