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My Wizard???

I have recently acquired an old silver Wizard outboard. I don't know much about these motors and was wondering if ya'll could help me find out around what year it is and how much it might be worth?

Like I said, it's silver in color with the stickers faded and some worn off. If I could guess I would say its a 5 horse, it does run and the model number is W64.


Re: My Wizard???

I believe what you have is a WG4, which is based on the Mercury KD4. If you can located your serial number, we can confirm it and give you a year. The WG4 models were made between 1951-1954 and are rated at 6HP. It should actually be a metallic green, but the paint my have faded off. The run on 16:1 mix and take grease in the lower unit.


Re: My Wizard???

Thanks a lot!! The Serial Number is 555548

How much would I be able to get for this motor as is?

Re: My Wizard???

Your's is a 1953. They aren't necessarily worth that much. If in absolutely mint condition, you maybe could get a few hundred bucks. But, with 56 years of normal wear and tear, it probably isn't worth much more than $50. The value is going to be very much based on condition, if it is complete, and if runs ... but any value assessment is going to be very subjective.

Re: My Wizard???

The parts manual for your WG4 is at the bottom of this page.

The owner's manual for the WD4S (at the same page) would probably work for you also. They are both based on the same mercury KD4 motor.