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new to wizard

Hi. I'm 47 years old and have never owned a boat or motor. A guy I work with turned me and now I'm trying to save a discarded wg4. You have an awsome site. I've learned more in 24 hours of ownership from the q&a than I could imagine. I got good,blue spark and i will change the waterpump and bottom grease before trying to start.I have a broken part though. the cast aluminum part that the s.n.tag is attatched to at the transome clamps is busted where the .375 bolt pivots.Any body got any extras out there? Any imput on this motor would be way cool. Thanks , Wayne

Re: new to wizard

Hi Wayne-

Welcome to the world of outboards and Wizards. The WG4 seems to be one of the more popular of the Wizard still out there, so someone here might have what you need. In addition to this board, you might want to post a Wanted ad on the Free Classifieds link at Also, I have had many good experiences with Doug Penn (, who deals in antique and classic outboard parts. I would highly recommends him. If he doesn't have it, he'll try to hunt it down for you.

Good luck and let us know how we can help!

Re: new to wizard

Sometimes it makes sense to weld a broken part
and sometimes not. Each case is a judgement call.
Sometimes the broken part is a "weak link" in a
design...and good parts rare. Look for a good
part in all the usual places, but, don't toss
the broken ones.
Can you post a picture...may help find the needle
in the haystack.

Re: new to wizard

Aren't these parts cast in Lynite? Lynite is supposed to be difficult to weld from what I've read. Not much experience with it myself. Maybe aluminum solder rods would work?

Lynite is an aluminum alloy that contains 5% copper when used in motor housings and body parts. Lynite comes in several other mixtures depending on it's purpose. Lynite is much stronger than pure aluminum.