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I have a wizzard prop # md624d.
Does anyone know what merc this fits if any?

Re: prop?

What Wizard did it come off of? If you have a model number, the Merc equivalent can be figured out.

Re: prop?

Bore size? Number of blades? Brass or Aluminum?
any other markings? Wizards started being made
by other firms as Kiekhaefer ended relationship
with Western Auto 1957 or about.
1/2" bore common for models up to I believe WG4
Not sure what size bore for super 5 and WG4.

Re: prop?

S# on lower is 850861, which equates to 1953 some one was looking for a prop for a mk25 ,just wondered if this would fit. It looks like the 1 on my mk25.