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Finally found a reference. I have an old motor with wd-4 an S# 127170. Like to no where to get parts and is it 2 or 4 stroke? Love to get it running!!!!! All other lables or stickers are gone. Thanks

Re: WD-4

I sent you an Email with answers to most of your questions. lots of info on this site. Read the posts and peruse the main website for year model and serial number list. Also, there are photos for the early Mercury made two part lower units that are found on all the early wizards.

Re: WD-4

I have reproduction decals for your motor.

Re: WD-4

WD4 is: a two mix 3/8 pint outboard oil to
each gallon of gas (6 oz oil to 128 oz gas)
made by Kiekhaefer Corp (Mercury)
for sale thru Western Auto retailers.
similar to Mercury KD4 twins (1946-7)
Parts...surprisingly easy to come by
although new water pump impeller and
magneto coils can induce sticker shock.
Biggest problem working with old outboards
is crud and corrosion which take time &
technique to overcome. A lot depends
upon how prior owners used and stored
your "new" old outboard. A digital
camera to record before , during and
after is very useful...also if you
run into problem you can post a
picture and ask for suggestions.
Do NOT spin motor over with spark plug
wires disconnected...very likely to
short out the coils.
A few old outboards need only minor attention
to run again...clean and set ignition points
new spark plugs,clean and adjust carburetor,
check impeller...others are only good for
parts (and not many of them)...most are
somewhere in between.
I am no expert ,but, if you run into a
problem I may be able to help.