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25hp 1954 Wizard

Wondered if parts are available to convert tiller 25hp to steering,remote controls. Will Merc parts fit, and where do you look for these

This 25hp is in original paint, runs like new, and is going on an older Giesler 16ft. Powassan boat.

Should make for a nice rig.

Thanks in advance.


Re: 25hp 1954 Wizard

My guess is that the Merc equivalents will fit. I would recommend try to parts guys.

My first recommendation is Doug Penn ( I have done lots of business with Doug. Great guy to deal with and if he doesn't have it, he might be able to track it down for you.

You may also want to try Bob Grubb (, who has lots of Merc parts available.

There are others out there I am sure, but I would start with the two above!

Good luck!