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WM7A parts diagram?

Hello all, I recently acquired a '56 WM7A that I plan to restore. The steering handle has been modified to allow steering connection to a larger motor, with original stuff cut off and other parts clamped / cobbled on. Can anyone point me to a parts diagram or a clear photo of this section of the motor so I can determine the original configuration and what parts I need to restore it? Also if anyone has leads for these parts or a replacement clamp screw handle I'd appreciate knowing that too. Thanks much, Tim.

Re: WM7A parts diagram?

As for parts write Doug Penn. This guy is great at finding or having parts. He had a LU for my WA2 in his barn.

Post a add on the AMIOC Askammember for a parts diagram...Someone will soon post one there

Re: WM7A parts diagram?

Thanks, I appreciate the info.