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wizard 3.0

I have a Wizard 3.0 model# ESK6613A67
ser.# 67-350041
It looks good can I say that it was made in 1967? And is it a 3 hp? I have pictures, what would it be worth today to someone? Thanks Edwin

Re: wizard 3.0

Nope, you gotta flip the digits. It is a '76 and is the same as the Sear Ted Williams/Gamefishers sold at Sears during that same period. Not worth a whole lot, even if in great condition (although any price numbers are subjective), but if it runs, you might get someone who wants a cheap fishing motor. The Eskas are nice and light and will also work nicely on a canoe with the right mounting bracket. Although parts are available, they can be hard to track down beyond just the basics. Not necessarily a special motor, but if runs, might as well put it to good use.

Just my $0.02.


Re: wizard 3.0

Why switch the numbers, is what Sears does? If the model # is ESD6613A67 then why do you say it is a 1976? Anyway if no one else wants it I will put it to work. It's still an old motor whether it is a 1967 or a 1976. Thanks. Edwin

Re: wizard 3.0

Don't know why the numbers are switched, that was what the manufacturer did, but yours is indeed a 1976. Gale Products, one of the divisions of the OMC until the 60s, did that too on their model numbers up until the late 50s. Once you know, it makes it easy to figure out the year.