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I have a WM7A That belonged to my grandfather. Id Like to restore it. The lower unit was rebuilt before it was stored. It has good compression, but the coils are bad. The upper housing cover and recoil start were lost before I got it. Guess I'm looking for parts and hints to put it back and keep it running for sentimental value. I have fairly decent mechanical skills.

Re: WM7A


Ron Leitha posts to this site and would probably be able to help you out the most, as I believe he has a couple WM7As. But for parts, particularly the coils, East Coast Marine is a good place to start.

I sent you their page for the Mercury Mark 25, which I believe is the powerhead your WM7A is based on -- and so many of the parts will be interchangeable. If you pop the flywheel, take the time to shine up the contact points. If the coils aren't cracked, your ignition problems may be as simple as dirty points. However, if the plastic coating on the coils is cracked, you might as well replace them.

If the motor has sat for a while, it would be good preventative maintenance to replace the water pump impeller and give the carburetor a good cleaning. Also, check the fuel lines to ensure they aren't dried up or gunked up with old fuel. I replace my fuel lines with automotive grade line available at any auto parts shop. New fuel line is more resistant to ethanol in today's gasoline. If you have good compression, the ignition and the carb work are probably good areas to start.

Check back here...we're happy to help!


Re: WM7A

Thanks for the response and I'll take your recommendations. I did pull the fly wheel and the coil coating had come all to pieces and I plan to replace the points and condenser too. It belonged to my grandad and then my dad. It was used in mobile bay so with the salt water use the replacement impeller makes a lot of sense even though the lower unit had been redone.

Re: WM7A

Willie: Sorry, at this time I have NO extra top cover & starter. Also they changed the shape of the covers a bit from the WM7-WM7 A's, so make sure the one you get fits your bottom cover! I would strongly advise you also to change the fuel pump diaphragm, it is the same as the MK25 Mercury also. Good luck, they are a great motor & I got 8 of them,( two set up for racing on quicksilvers), all run fine after replacing all the parts previously mentioned. I might also mention, they are much easier to work on than their Mercury cousins the MK25's. Pics of some of my stuff is on this sites picture page, if you wish to look.

Re: WM7A

Thanks for reponding. I was going to ask if a merc cover was the same( Didnt look the same but sometimes adding chrome and trim can fool you) But your messege indicates I need to find the wizard cover and even the correct one in that. Makes the game fun. Thanks again