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WA2 Paint Color

I am beginning the restoration of a WA2 and am trying to find a match for the paint color in a spray can product. Thank You

Re: WA2 Paint Color


Is there any original paint left? I'm thinking that yours, being an early Mercury-made Wizard, was probably the gold color used in the first couple years. Your best bet may be to use either a Krylon or Rustoleum gold metallic color, as it maybe hard to find an automotive paint match. That said, Duplicolor may make something close. In this case, close enough may have to be good enough, as I'm not aware of any of the outboard paint guys out there making Wizard gold (although, the later Wizard green is available).

Good luck!

Re: WA2 Paint Color

I have found that Mercury Mark 20H Gold is as near as one can get to the old Wizard's paint
You can buy it at

Not cheap but worth the money