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wizard super 5

Hello all. My name is Adam and I live in Kansas. I recently became the proud owner of a wizard super 5 outboard that I inherited from my aunt. The only trouble is, I know virtually nothing about it other than it is in perfect condition due to the fect that it was stored in a closet in the spare bedroom of her house. I would like to see if it runs but I have no fuel tank for it yet. I wondered if anyone could tell me where I might find the adapter that I need to hook the fuel line up to the motor. I was also wondering if this motor is of any considerable value. Any response would be helpful and most appreciated.

Re: wizard super 5

That model uses the standard fuel fitting still in use today by Mercury (bayonet style), so you can get one through a Mercury dealer, West Marine, or your local boating shop. You can also get one online at: (part # 22831T3).

That model is based on Mercury's 1955 Mark 6 model, but is only 5HP vice 5.5HP. You should use TCW3 two-cycle marine oil mixed at a ratio of 24:1. Use grease in the lower unit (Lubriplate #105). If the lower unit currently has gear oil in it, replace it with Lubriplate #105 grease.

It is possible that even though it has been stored for years that the ignition coils could have dried out and cracked, so it may not start or it could run poorly. But, before you start exploring that situation, hook up a gas tank and give the starter rope a tug. If it runs well, then you could be just fine with the ignition as is. My Super 5 sat in a garage for 25 years and the ignition coils were all but disintegrated.

Also, when you start it up, check right away that it is pumping water out the four little holes on the back of the motor leg just below the powerhead. If no water is coming it them....shut it down ASAP. It would be a good idea to replace the water pump impeller anyway, because after years of sitting the rubber is likely dried out. If water isn't pumping, the powerhead won't be cooled and you'll burn it out.

So, once you know what you are dealing with, check back here and we'd be happy to help you work through any issues.

Good luck!

Re: wizard super 5

Thank you very much. That is incredibly helpful. I will definetly check back in the future if I have any other questions... and I'm sure I will. Once again you've been an immense help and I am greatly appreciative.