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wizard 7.5 hp outboard

am looking for info about an outboard motor that i have
1. what is oil mixture ratio ( i am using 40:1 2-cycle oil at present )
2. does it use two-cycle oil or regular 30 wt.
3. possible download for owner's manual

info that i have taken off the motor is as follows
1. motor cover is marked " WIZARD" / McCullloch Corp. Scott Div. is stamped on pull
rope pulley
2. serial #63700710-1374
3. model #mlm 6909a
4. 7.5 hp
5. dual (2) cylinders plugs are champion (H10J) .035" gap
6. shifter is " REV" "NEUT" "FORW"

thanks for any help you can give me

Re: wizard 7.5 hp outboard


You have a 1963-64 Wizard built by Scott/McCulloch . The point gap is .020 and the plug gap .035. 50:1 fuel mix and TCW-3 marine two-stroke oil is recommended, not standard air-cooled two stroke oil. A little richer mixture like you are running is fine, but you could get a little bit of plug fouling if you troll a lot...but probably not a big problem.

A manual might be little hard to come by, but your best bet would be to look for a McCulloch outboard manual on eBay. You can also try "The Scott Guy" (google him).

Good luck!

Re: wizard 7.5 hp outboard

thanks for your quick reply,i will keep looking for a manual


Re: wizard 7.5 hp outboard


I can't personally vouch for the quality of these CD manuals, but if this is a scan of the original McCulloch manual, which it appears to be, this should be what you need. If you are interested, you might want to contact the seller to ensure it covers the 1963-64 model years. I believe yours is one of the low-profile style models, so I am guessing this would work. Decent price, too.

Best of luck!