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reconditioning a very low time Wizzard

I have a very low time 25hp wizzard that my dad bought new in 1959. It was only in the water a few times and has been stored since. It still has the original painted prop that looks like new. After removing the cowling for the first time in 50yrs., and spraying everything down with WD40, all the throttle linkages work perfectly. From reading, I know I have a Scott built motor. MLM6925A Ser#175A2799.
Can I still get a pump impeller and carb kit? I know I should pull the flywheel and sand the points. What is the procedure in doing this? Thanks for any additional input.

Re: reconditioning a very low time Wizzard

Yep, you have a Scott-built Wizard, but it was after Scott-Atwater was purchased by McCulloch. You should be able to get basic parts through:

And there are a few more resources out there, like "The Scott Guy." Google McCulloch outboards and you should be able to find a few things.

Sounds like you have a nice one. Use an extremely fine sand paper to polish up the points after popping the flywheel. If the coils are cracked, they will probably fail if they haven't done so already. So, it is good to pop the flywheel and see what you are dealing with.

Bottom line is, you should be able to get what you need. You can also try You can place free ads for parts...someone is bound to help you out.

Good luck!

Re: reconditioning a very low time Wizzard

Thanks for all the great info. I"ll keep you posted on the progress.

Re: reconditioning a very low time Wizzard

thanks...we don't always get to hear about everyone's results!