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Need info for old wizard motor

I have a old antique wizard motor.It had been sitting for about 30+ years.I got it started with really no trouble.Im trying to find out how many horsepower it is and what year it was made.Its a small motor and im thinking its only 3 or 4 hp but im not sure. The only numbers i can find on it is 1881 on one side and 463 on the other.To start this motor you have to wind the pull cord around it after every pull because it comes off.If anyone has any info please let me know.Thanks

Re: Need info for old wizard motor


Email me a picture, if you can. Perhaps I can help out. Unfortunately, those numbers don't seem to be a model number, so perhaps visually we can figure it out. If you can post a picture to a photo website and post the link here, everyone can take a look to help you out.