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wizard wg4 smoking

I have a wizard WG4, was told i need a 16 to 1 ratio of gas to oil....i mixed 1 bottle of oil to 2 gals. of gas and the motor smokes like crazy...when i bought it and ran it with what was already in tank no smoke hardly at all, i have never owned a gas motor. I'm wondering if the previous owner had straight gas just to start it up for my demo. or am i doing something wrong...Oh, by the way, the oil was 16oz. that i mixed with the 2 gals....NEED HELP

Re: wizard wg4 smoking

Your mixture is correct for 16:1 -- 16oz. of oil for 2 gallons of gas. Especially when you are just running it in a bucket, and just after start-up, they tend to be really smokey at that mixture. It could also be running a little but rich, but to properly adjust the carburetor, it needs to be on a boat under load. Now, if you can't see your hand in front of your face, you might have a problem, but don't be scared of a little smoke...that's what these oldies do.

A synthetic blend or full synthetic TCW-3 two-stroke marine oil will help cut down on smoke a little bit. But, once you get them out on the water and get the carb set, you probably won't notice the smoke that much even with regular TCW-3. Also, make sure it is pumping water well to ensure the powerhead is being properly cooled. Replacing the impeller if you don't know its age is good preventative maintenance.

Hope this helps!