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25 hp Wizard motor

I have a 25 hp Wizard motor. The motor used to belong to my grandfather. I have always wanted to refurb it, but I have always been told that parts were not available. The reason for me wanting to refurb it, is to put on the back of a 60's model Mitchell skiff. This boat was bought by my father brand new, and I am in the process of re-storing it. So, two questions here:

1) Are coils, condensors, and points available? If so, what info would I need to get off the motor to make sure that I get the correct parts?

2) Is there anyone interested in purchasing it? It does have some sentimental value, but it I can't fix it, I would rather sell it and put the money torwards the boat and refurbing the boat.

Any and all advice is appreciated!

Thank you,

Re: 25 hp Wizard motor

Wizards were made by several outboard makers.
First find the id plate and write down the model and serial number and post them here.
If yours is one made by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) the
parts should be available on line from several
I would suggest a new impeller be on your must do list! Fuel pump diaphram likely needs renewing,carburetor(s)can need cleaning,fuel tank
and line may also need a clean out,lower unit lube
will need flush and refill. Ignition points probably glazed and in need of polishing,toss the spark plugs
and replace with new. All this is fairly low tech
and probably well under $100.
Impeller is a significant cost item. Do not even start
engine without installing a new impeller. The odds
against finding an old outboard motor with am impeller
good to go are pretty high...takes only a few minutes
running without cooling water flow to seize up an
otherwise good outboard...unless you have parts, tools and skills that usually spells end of motor.
The other killer of two cycle motors is failure to
mix oil with gas...use the correct ratio of high
quality TCW-3 rated outboard oil with unleaded
gas and motor will run for years instead of minutes.
Bringing an old outboard out of long term storage
involves no miracles or magic elixers, you just have
to understand a pretty simple mechanism and the
likely effects of long disuse.

Re: 25 hp Wizard motor


Thank you for replying. I checked the plate. Unfortunately the only thing readable on the plate was a stamped number, and it was 1784. I do have some pictures of it for possible identification, but I am not sure how to attach them.


Re: Re: 25 hp Wizard motor

If it is a 25 HP, I think that size was only made by Mercury and then briefly by Scott-McCulloch. If it is metallic green in color, you have a Merc, if not, if you have the Scott version (with chrome Wizard lettering and I think a fiberglass cowl). Parts for the Merc variety are easier to come by (check or try the "Scott Guy" webpage if you have the other. I don't believe the later Wizards were available in the 25 HP.

Hope this helps!

Re: 25 hp Wizard motor

If your 25hp Wizard looks like the one in the pictures on this site it was made by Kiekhaefer
(Mercury) so East Coast Marine Old Mercs will
be one of the several on line retailers that
probably can provide any service parts you may
need...the 25hp 4 cylinder Wizard was so good
that Mercury dealers insisted on Kiekhaefer
offering a Mercury version.