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1953 Wizard before and after

Picked this up out of a guys barn for I think 20 dollars. Motor had good compression and thank to Joe Roth, a fellow member, it now has hot spark. Took the carb apart. It already had the new float in it and cleaned it. Bob Heida, another fellow member, made me some new bushings for the lower unit and I put in new seals. Runs very good now pumps water well. Some before and after pics. I am too cheap to buy the right color paint or decals.

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

not having any luck posting pics

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

I have a 1956 wizard wm7a and I am trying to find a lower unit. Do you have Joe Roth's contact information? I live in the Edwardsville area and would like to see if he has information or parts for my wizard.

Mike Smith

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

don't know what Joe might have, but I can hunt up his number. Bob Heida might have some parts too.