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1953 Wizard before and after

Picked this up out of a guys barn for I think 20 dollars. Motor had good compression and thank to Joe Roth, a fellow member, it now has hot spark. Took the carb apart. It already had the new float in it and cleaned it. Bob Heida, another fellow member, made me some new bushings for the lower unit and I put in new seals. Runs very good now pumps water well. Some before and after pics. I am too cheap to buy the right color paint or decals.

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after


Saw your post on the AOMCI page....very nicely done. It's good inspiration to get going on my two restorations. You must have had some good weather for painting. I've been chatting with Jim G. and he has been taking advantage of the warm weather days in your neck of the woods to work on his Crosby.


Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

I just picked up a little fiberglass fishing boat yesterday in need of serious repair. Talked with Jim G he lives just a few blocks from me. Weather has been great, but only in the 40's the next few days so not much painting or fiberglass work will get done.

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

this should work

Re: 1953 Wizard before and after with pics this time

Re: Re: 1953 Wizard before and after

Jim told me of your latest project...sounds like a task and hopefully the weather will get more cooperative. Been trying to do the cosmetic restoration of a couple motors, but weather her in Virgina's been all over the place, too.

Jim sent me a pic of the Merc 20 that came with the Crosby after you got it running, again. Nice work!