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WG4 gas tank

I have a WG4 that was leaking at the seam of the two part gas tank. I separated the halves and found dried out sealant between the seams that lifted out easily.
A few questions:
-Was there a gasket used originally?
-What would I use for a new sealant?
-Having the tank open in halves gives a great opportunity for cleaning the inside. Any suggestions on cleaning?
-When putting the halves back together, do I just turn the screws hand tight?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Wizard tank

Re: WG4 gas tank


Hopefully someone else has given you some good advice via email by this point. If not, my only suggestion would be to check with you local automotive store for a fuel-proof sealant to use. I believe those tanks were unique to the Wizard line of the Kiekhaefer Mercs, so if there was a gasket originally, it would be pretty hard to come by.

I have used some automotive solutions for items that are no longer available for my motors with good results.

Good luck!

Re: WG4 gas tank

Hey, thanks for your reply. I've posted this question here and on the AOMCI site and you are the only one who responded. I appreciate your suggestion.

Re: Re: WG4 gas tank

I hope it helps, David. Must have been a real stumper if you didn't get a response on the AOMCI board.

Good luck!

Re: WG4 gas tank

Mercury had cast tanks from 1940 or 41 thru 1947 and
Wizards a while longer. Cast tanks heavier than stamped steel or aluminum sheet tanks...but, has
anyone ever seen one dented?
I would look at Permatex line of products for something recommended for use around gasoline.
As far as fasteners go you might want to treat
it like a cylinder head...tighten in a sequence
starting midway on the long axis working out
toward the ends. With a sealer in place I don't
think you need to tighten fasteners excessively
to stop leaks and hold tank halves together.
Good Luck
If you took out a gasket you probably need to
cut a new gasket unless the sealer product can
do the job alone. Was there a channel for some
sort of spagetti seal? If so, maybe need to
consider some sort of substitute.
Some have (perhaps wisely) suggested not to
open a leaky tank...use a pour in, slosh
around, pour out excess type tank sealer...
those products seem to be expensive cure though.

Re: WG4 gas tank

Thanks for your suggestions, Louis! I think this tank had been split before. No evidence of a gasket, and one or two of the screws were stripped. The fact that it leaked could support suggestions no to try to open it, but, I'm sure we have better sealants nowadays.

Re: WG4 gas tank

Another thought is another tank...duh...