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Fair value

Cleaning up my fathers estate, tucked away in garage was a Wizard outboard, Mod # WO or WD? 4S Ser# 209914. I think that makes it a '47 or '48. Seems to be in good shape, turns with compression. Prop turns as well. No major dings or scratches on either. Bits of the decals have come off but otherwise ok. I'd like to sell it but have no idea what a fair value would be, can anyone help.

Re: Fair value

Well, it is very hard to come to a easily agreed upon price. The Wizards have a following, but they don't tend to really grab a high price like the regular Mercs of that vintage. If you can it runs, that will maybe get you $150-200. But if all you have to go on is visual inspection, $100 might be the absolute highest someone might pay. Check out similar 6 HP outboards on ebay from that vintage to see what they are going for. The Mercury ignition components for that Wizard tend to be a bit pricey to replace, and it is likely that the ignition on yours is going to need attention. My best suggestion would be to try and sell it through the website. Name a price and suggest that you'll take the best offer...see what you get.

Just my two cents.