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Wizard 5.5 tec 1975 or 1976

I have a 1975 or 1976 Wizard eska tec. Does anyone know the correct oil mix and what spark plug to use? Also, where can I get a carb rebuild kit? This motor runs but will not stay running but a few mins then it shuts down but will crank right back. Also, does this model have an impeller to cool the shaft. Yes I know this is an air cooled eng. Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Wizard 5.5 tec 1975 or 1976


The fuel mixture on those is 24:1...and they are rated for TCW3 oil. You should be able to get a carburetor through Certified Parts Corporation (Google the name), as they have all the NOS and aftermarket stock for Eskas.

A lot of the Eskas use the Champion RJ12YC (updated plug) gapped at 0.030, but it depends on the HP of the powerhead. Can you post the HP so it can be figured out. The above was the plug used in my 7.5 HP Eska.

And yes, I believe that model has an impeller for cooling the lower leg.


Re: Re: Wizard 5.5 tec 1975 or 1976

Sorry...I need more coffee...didn't see 5.5 in the subject.

The Eska Ted Williams 5.5 HP models sold by Sears used the J13Y spark plug gapped at 0.030--should be the same for your Wizard.

The carburetor rebuild kit id is DI-52027 and if you can't get it through Certified Parts Corp, you can get it here:

Good luck!

Re: Wizard 5.5 tec 1975 or 1976

Thanks for the info I have been having a tough time keeping it running. I will try your sugestions after the 4th and let you know.