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late 60's 9HP

I have a late 60's 9HP that was given to me. It looks great and is perfect what I am using it for. I know when it was given to me it hadn't been started or run for a few years but started right up and ran great.

I am writing because I wanted to know if there are any tell tale signs I should look for to identify any problems the engine may have. I am going to take it on a big trip in a few weeks and want to make sure it will last.

I haven't really seen any big issues with it as of now. It smoked a ton when I first started it but after a few minutes it died down and ran smooth. It was tough to start at first without started fluid but since I changed the plugs that has improved as well.

What would be things I should look for? What are signs of overheating (that is my one concern at this point)? Anything else you recommend?


Re: late 60's 9HP

ONe more question: What would be the full mix ratio for this engine. A local shop said 50:1 but I want to make sure that is right.


Re: Re: late 60's 9HP


Your Wizard was made by Chrysler, who also branded them as Sea Kings and sold them at Montgomery Wards in the 60s. Yes, you got good advice, 50:1 is the proper gas/oil mixture. One thing to verify is that the motor is pumping water. Nothing will kill an outboard quicker than running it with a bad water pump/impeller. Make sure that water is coming out of the water port on the back side of the motor. If not, post the motor's model number so we can track down the impeller you need. I don't know Chryslers that well, but usually impellers aren't too tough to replace (unless you have a Mercury-made Wizard like mine).

If it is idling rough and smoking, chances are that the carburetor needs to be adjusted or cleaned. If it was sitting a long time with fuel residue in it, the carb could be a bit clogged. Doesn't sound like your is in bad shape if it has been running good for you.

The carburetor and the water pump impeller are usually the two most common standard maintenance issues to address. A fresh spark plug can't hurt, if it hasn't been changed in a while. Of course, you can never predict when Murphy's law is going to kick in, but I wouldn't bother doing any other preventative diagnostics. My last suggestion would to make sure you are using fresh fuel. If you have any that has been stored for over a month without fuel stabilizer, go fresh, my friend!

Well, those are my two cents. Good luck!


Re: late 60's 9HP

Thanks so much for the reply. You comment about the impeler has me a bit concerned. It does pump water out but it isn't much more that a heavey spraty (as if you had your finger over a garden hose). Should it be more than that. I felt the water and it is warm (not hot but warm) should it be hot? I feel as though it may be tranferring the heat but I don't know if it should be at a greater capacity.

Thanks again.

Re: Re: late 60's 9HP

Hi Joe-

I sent you an e-mail, but it seems that you should be in good shape. I would probably recommend changing the impeller just as a good preventative measure (since you don't know the last time it has been changed), but the fact that you have a good spray would indicate that the water pump is doing it's job and replacing it isn't an immediate need.