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5 HP Wizard Motor

Buddy gave me 5 HP Wizard Boat Motor. Need info. Won fire. Taken off flywheel, cleaned, key is good, etc. wont aprk. Numbers I have are T-643-19A and 6876840. Really having hard time finding spark plug

Re: 5 HP Wizard Motor


I can't seem to figure out your model number, but I believe the first number set (T-643-19A) is for a Tecumseh powerhead, so that would indicate that you have an Eska-made Wizard from the 1970s. That second number doesn't match with any Wizard model numbers I have seen before, however.

The Eska made Wizards are the same as the Ted Williams outboards sold at Sears during that same time period. It is air-cooled, but it has in impeller to keep the lower leg cool. I would start with checking the breaker point. It should be gapped at .020. If the actual points are dirty, file them with a very fine (400 grit) piece of sand paper and get them nice and shiney. You may have a bad coil, and you might be able to get a coil from Certified Parts Corp., who bought all of Eska's stock when they shutdown in the 80s. Less likely, you could have a bad condenser.

Assuming I am on the money with this being an Eska, the spark plug is Champion RJ12YC (gap at .030). Gas/oil mix is 24:1 with TCW3 oil.

Check back here with additional questions or e-mail me. Send me a picture, if you can, so that I can confirm that this is an Eska.


Re: 5 HP Wizard Motor

THANKS FOR THE REPLY. You are correct about Tec. It has Tec stamped on flywheel. I did file the points, and moving on to other things. I want to get a new plug, but I think I will try the condenser. I do not get shocked when holding spark plug wire.

Re: Re: 5 HP Wizard Motor

Scott....sounds like it is the coil, although if you've got the flywheel off, I'd replace the condenser, too. Is the plastic coating around the coil cracked at all?

If that is a Tecumseh powerhead, then you do have an Eska-made Wizard. Your Tecumseh powerhead number makes it a 1973 model...and the actual Eska model number is ESK6600A37. Google Certified Parts Corp. and give them a call. You should be able to get a coil and condenser without too much trouble. They should also be able to verify the spark plug for you with the above model number.

Of course it is yours to do with as you please, but I wouldn't sink too much money into that one. If you can get it running for cheap, great, but if it is going to cost you big bucks, you may want to spend your money elsewhere. Can you tell I am not an Eska fan??