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WF-4 wf 4 Wizard motor Cowl needed

Hello, This is my first time posting to a computer sight and I hope this is OK to ask. I am in need of a shroud or cover that goes under the gas tank to cover the motor. I think it is a 1949 Wizard WF-4,but the faded stickers on the tank look like they only say WIZARD on them,and the front of the tank looks like it once had a farely large sticker on it as well. The stickers look to be sort of like white clouds. I can not find replacements,so I am asking for anyone with such an engine to please send me pictures to go by. I think someone can replicate them if we have an accurate original photo to go by. Thanks for any help in advance, Greg Mead
p.s. I learned a lot from the other postings before I decided to give it a try myself. Thanks for a neet place to swap notes.

Re: WF-4 wf 4 Wizard motor Cowl needed


I would suggest putting a wanted ad on the AOMCI's website (go to Webvertize link) to see if someone has the cowlings to sell you. As far as the decals are concerned, you can get them at:

They are a bit pricey. There is a guy on ebay making Wizard decals now, and he may be able to make them up for you, too. He has the Super 10 decals from the 50's and maybe he can make you up the '49 Super Twin decals. He makes them in vinyl. The ones at are waterslide.

Hope this helps a little bit. I have a feeling those cowlings are going to be hard to find, but I think your best bet is to try AOMCI's site.

Good luck!