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Wizard twin

Well I have found a wizard twin engine but I dont know the size of it but I have numbers if anyone knows by these. Model no WG4 Serial no 554117F I would also like to know if i could get new rings for it.

Re: Wizard twin

What you've got is a Mercury-made 1953 Wizard Super Twin 6HP. They were made between 1951-1954 and are a modification of the Mercury KD-4, which was sold in the late 40's.

You can get parts from the following:

Rings are available (you'll need 6) at the second website for $4 each. Give them a call and make sure Mercury used the same rings on the late '40s KD4s as the WG4s. Should be the same, but it wouldn't hurt to check. You might also want to e-mail Bob Grubb ( He owned Grubb's Marine, which East Coast Marine purchased when he retired. He answered some questions about my Wizard.

Check back here if you have more questions!

Good luck!