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Wizard wg4

model no is wg4 ser 723816
just a few questions if it'sok
1 help with year tried to look up year no luck
2 cant figure out the oil mix
and should i use the motor oil in place of 2in1 oil
3 where a good place for parts.
thanks in advance
p.s. look around forum for my answers first but no luck

Re: Wizard wg4

Same vintage Mercury versions used 3/8 pint of
Mercury QuickSilver oil to gallon of non leaded gas
That is 6 fluid ounces oil to 128 fluid ounces gas...
works out about 1 to 21 and 1/3.
You can either stay with traditional nondetergent
motor oil (not always on shelf) or you can try
a quality TCW-3 (some mix the two). Stay close to
correct ratio...slow running and too much oil will
foul spark plugs...Mercury ratio for racing was
twice as much oil per gallon...