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1957 Wizard Superpower 25 HP: Setting the timing?

I am trying to get a 1957 Wizard Superpower outboard Model WA25 with 4 cylinders restored. I have replaced the points and condenser and cleaned the plugs. The timing belt was rotten and I have a new one. I was told that there are marks on the fly wheel that can help with setting the timing. Would very much appreciate any resources or helpful hints on making sure I have the timing set properly.

I am also looking for possible paint suggestions for the Wizard brand.

Thanks for your advice and help.

Re: 1957 Wizard Superpower 25 HP: Setting the timing?

Rick: I am not a 4 cyl expert but timing is the same as a equivalent Mercury engine. The pulley on top of the mag has a mark & the pulley on the crank also has one. You must perfectly align these two marks & then slip the timing belt over these two pulleys starting on the motor side first. Also I use 1963 Chev "Willow Green" on my 2 cyl WM7's & it is a very close match & actually is prettier as it has some mettalic in it whereas the original paint was a solid color. Hope that fhelps.