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ID needed

I have a very old motor but, don't know how to identify it. The cowling is missing and I can't find any numbers or plates on it????

Re: ID needed

Do you have a picture you can post?

Re: ID needed

NOt yet but, I'll get one and post. Is there any place on the motor I maight have missed that might help identify it?

Re: ID needed

Well, some of the air-cooled models have a separate tag on the block for the manufacturer of the powerhead. For example, I had a 1970's Ted Williams (made by Eska) that had a Tecumseh built powerhead. But, in general, most motors have a serial#/model# plate somewhere on the shaft housing, transom mount, or cowlings.

What color/finish is it? Does it have a built in tank or does it require an external hook-up? These things might help a little, assuming the finish is original.

Re: ID needed

Thanks-it does need an external tank. I'll check for #'s where you suggested. It has a blue shaft housing and a red color on top---may have been painted by a previous owner. It came from Maryland--My wife's deceased father had it.

Re: Re: ID needed

I think I sent my reply to the website instead of directly to you. New at this