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wd-4 water pump

Does anyone make the original wobble water pump for a wd-4? If not then what is the procedure for converting too a vane style lower unit? Thanks in advance.

Re: wd-4 water pump

Hello Eric,

Try East Coast Marine They sell some of these older Wizard parts in addition to the older merc stuff as well.


Re: wd-4 water pump

East Coast Marine lists vane (octopus) type impellers, but, not the earlier wobbler.
A complete later type pump is a drop in replacement
for the earlier wobbler unit. Single cylinder
models have a 12:22 gear ratio while twins
have a 14:19 ratio...they will not mix...
so look for a water pump assembly from a like
number of cylinders can remove
gear and swap, but it is very tight on drive
shaft and getting holes to line up is tough.
The above applies to Mercury K thru KD KE3
and equivalant Wizard or Sea King models.
KE4/Mark 7 and KF3 have completly different
lower units and water pumps.
Brian Wilcox has made a variety of
no longer available waterpump impellers.
(810) 794-7685 Algonac, Michigan.
There may be other vendors reproducing impellers
for various makes and models.
I think the vane type pump is a better choice for
a motor you will run...don't discard the old wobbler
assembly in case you want an "authentic" motor
at some future date.