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Wizard Model and Serial Numbers

I am trying to find my Wizard Super 10 model and serial numbers. Where is their location??

Thanks Chuck

Re: Wizard Model and Serial Numbers

Chuck: There is a small, square Model & Serial plate attached with 2 rivits on the back of the swivel bracket on the lt side of the motor, looking from the front.

Re: Wizard Model and Serial Numbers

Thanks Ronald,

The plate was where you said, but covered with "gray matter". I cleaned off great. Now, I can look for a carb, as it was missing when given this motor. Any help there??

Thanks again, Chuck

Re: Wizard Model and Serial Numbers

Okay, now that you've found the info, what is the model/ser number? That will help you locate a carb. JW in Dixie

Re: Wizard Model and Serial Numbers

pwrmatic 12 model# wna7 serial# 931086 This engine is in tact, probably not run in many years.The paint is faded somewhat,but hardly a scratch on it and all the decals/markings are in remarkable condition.I figure
this engine never saw saltwater,considering it was found in a barn around selma alb.Probably some ignition/carb work and this engine will run,it seems to have decent compression.What ever feed back you can offer will be appreciated. Respectfully yours