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WB3 information?

I have a very old Wizard outboard that I am trying to get information on. Model #WB3 Serial #3407 made in Cedarburg, WI. I am guessing the model year is late 30's, early 40's. I would like to find any information I can on it, worth, available parts, etc.... If anyone knows how to find this type of info it would be appreciated.

Re: WB3 information?

Kiekhafer Mercury produced outboard motors for
Western Auto Stores and sold under the Wizard brand
from 1940's thru late 1950's. They were similar
to prior model Mercury outboards and did not have latest features. This type of arrangement was not unique to Mercury. Your motor may date to before
WW2 as it is similar to 1940-41 KB1A or just
after war in 1945-6. Mr. Hunn's book states
Wizard/Mercury relationship started postwar.
Other information indicates Mercury was making
Mercurys, Wizsrds and Sea Kings (Montgomery Ward
brand)prior to war.
In any case the design is based upon a
prewar Mercury model.

Re: WB3 information?

i am looking for a coil for a 3.6 wizard outboard boat motor 330 296 6751 thank you for your time...........