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UPDATE: On Tony Siscones #21x Asphalt Modified Pinto

Tony Siscone called to inform us that he found a picture online of the Blue 21x Pinto a couple years after my father had sold it.
I looked up the picture and sure enough there it was.
But it was repainted a darker blue and the number was changed to #54. The picture was taken at the Atlantic City Speedway and it was signed by the driver;
"Fred Clark"
We still didn't know the name of the guy who bought it, just the driver.
I ZOOMED IN as far as I could, I looked at this picture for about an hour, THEN I saw a clue.
On the rear quater panel I saw a blurry phone number and above it the word "Builder".
Above the word "Builder" diagonally I saw part of a Name: ???? ???ZIAVLE ??? ????.
After hours of thinking I made a few Assumptions and filled in a few blanks:
???? ?A?ZIALE and sons BUILDERS
I googled different Italian names and then checked them with against the phone book in New Jersey, we had an Idea the builder was from Woodbine.
We found one Italian name in Woodbine that ended with ZIALE: PARZIALE
After some property records searched and then a final shot at the Phone book we came up with:
John Parziale but his number was unlisted.
So I called the only Parziale whose number was listed.
It was his son. He told us that Fred Clark had bought the car from his father and that it was in a wreck around 1980 or 81. He also gave us Freds # and address.
So at this point we are waiting for a phone call from Fred Clark.
If you have any additional info please call us. It was rumored that the car had been cut up and scrapped.
Kevin Brown