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Len Boehler Bicentennial Vega

Hi guys looking for any info on Len Boehlers Bicentennial Vega. I am building a model of it, and have never seen a pic of the actual car. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks Mike

Re: Len Boehler Bicentennial Vega

Mike, The vega is at the Pronyne Motorsports Museum in RI. Contact Rick and I'm sure he can help you. Or just go to there web site. Richie.

Re: Re: Len Boehler Bicentennial Vega

Thanks Richie: I have pictures of that car. Ive also read in the Bio of Lenny Boehler that is on the net, that the car may have been painted differently than whats in the museum now. I got a pic from Ric at PRONYNE that has the car with a white hood, the doors and A posts of the body is blue with the rest of the body red primer. I guess that what I will make. I imagine that car went through many different paint colors, when damaged.I have alredy built the Black / Gold #3 that was one of the last cars Freddy drove. Thanks Again Mike