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Re: Are relatives in WV still around?

I was born in Beckley, WV in 1951. My father, Vince Lee Shumate, jr was born in Stover, just outside of Beckley. My grandfather, Vince Lee Shumate, Sr was born in Stover & died in Beckley, WV. My 1st great grandfather was born in Stover and died in Beckley, WV. There are 2 aunts still living in Beckley. Anna Lee (Shumate) Ubeda and Mary Rose (Shumate) Parsons. Mary Rose has one daughter living with her in Beckley. All of my other relatives lives in Virginia, North Carolina & Georgia. I have one brother still living & he is in Arizona. I have a hugh genealogy database of my shumate family. If these names ring a bell, let me know & I can share a whole lot more. I served 20 yrs in the military and now live in Austin, TX

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Hey there. Been trying to explain to my 7 year old daughter where her relatives are from, and I'm looking for Shumates that may still be in WV.
My father is Robert Shumate, his father was Jennings Bryant Shumate. Lived in "Crab Orchard" WV (I believe it's outside of Beckley, WV). Jennings (or J.B.) had two brothers: Richard (R.M.) and Woodrow. My father was born in '38, one of six kids, 5 girls and himself.
Any idea if there are relatives that are still in that area?


Dennis Shumate
Minneapolis, MN

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