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Re: Mike Love is a brilliant singer / lyricist

I dislike Kokomo mainly due to the unsavoury lyrics that in my view are upsetting and distressing to listen to, the song reminds me of traumas from my past. My fave BB song of all is Wouldn't It be Nice,I also enjoy watching the boys perform Calif Girls on the Jack Benny show from 1965 and the Shindig show 1964 ( hope the year is right) with them singing Surfer Girl ( another favourite) My reason for liking the former is that there are boys dancing alongside girls, the stage is transformed into a beach with stalls for food and drink, the band playing, Mike perched on a stool singing the song and interpreting it very well without causing any upset, its a joy to watch, nice and wholesome too.( unlike the tasteless offerings by other channels on youtube) The same goes for Surfer Girl, a great lullaby which has helped to alleviate my Generalised Anxiety Disorder which tends to be worse at night than in the daytime, together with a mood lamp ( it projects blue waves on the ceiling) my sister bought me from Amazon my worries float away!!. Thank you Brian for this beautiful song!

Re: Mike Love is a brilliant singer / lyricist

I agree with you, Forshorn. MIke has always been the MC of the group and probably the most devoted member of the band. He continued to make the Beach Boys music available for fans to see in concert when others left for various reasons (mental illness, drugs, inability to tolerate Murry). He lost a lot of money when Murry sold the music and I don't blame him for suing to get the money that was due to him for writing the lyrics. I am a Beach Boys fan and would go see them with or without Brian and Al. I miss Dennis and Carl and know what a fabulous job Carl did keeping the peace in the group. I was thrilled to see the reunion show twice last year and I look forward to going to see Mike and Bruce perform this year. I hate to see all these negative remarks on Mike's fan page. He has been the one and only Beach Boy who has been with the group since it began and I am thrilled that he kept the band alive.

Re: Mike Love is a brilliant singer / lyricist

Yes anyone who really follows the Beach Boys the dedication of Mike is exceptional after all these years and he deserves all the credit for what we have today, they would have not survived with a past like they have and they needed Mike to keep the Beach Boys ALIVE, I am so glad he did. Al Jardine as well he comes across as a lovely man, and of course David Marks great guitar player, I think Brian and Mike still care about each other but Mike had to take legal advice and get his share of the Music royalties why not? and he did not sack Brian the tour ended as it was supposed to do what nonsense, Mike had his own group who where on hold while he did the 2012 tour so of course he would go back with them.

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Re: I don't hate Mike Love

just curious to see how mr m love could have a fan club. he got where he was/is thanks to brian's genius and then had the nerve to **** on him

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Re: I don't hate Mike Love

How exactly did Mike **** on Brian? Mike loves Brian regardless of the treatment that Mike has received from the people around Brian.

Patricia L. Ferrelli
The Mike Love Fan Club

Re: I don't hate Mike Love

Mike Love very clearly resembles a classic malignant narcissist, right down to the reality that he never stops tooting his own horn, (over his extremely minimal "achievements,") and self-righteously claims to love his cousins while mocking their problems at the same time. Narcissistic personality disorder is partially genetic, so it is no surprise that Murry Wilson and his sister Emily, (Mike's mother" both displayed classic controlling traits. Poor Brian, Carl and Dennis fit the stereotypes of narcissisticly abused adult children as well--oldest son carrying the burden and trying to please, middle son being the peacekeeper and youngest son being a rebel. It's rough life with manipulative predators around.

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Re: I don't hate Mike Love

Hate? Mike? Or any of the guys? There's no time for THAT. I mean really!!! There are but grains of sand left in the Beach Boys time-glass. Consider the age of the guys. What's Mike now? 74? Brian, Al and Bruce? 73? Only David is still in his [later] 60s.

Collective and individual projects will continue for how much longer? Maybe another couple of years...into year 55 if we're lucky. More? Really? How much more? No...time's running out so why waste it hating? Have a chance to catch Mike and Bruce singing those tunes? Don't pass it up. Brian coming to a stage near you? Be there.

Brian's 'No Pier Pressure' is about to drop. Mike talks about doing something perhaps in conjunction with his book release next year? Check it out 'cause pretty soon the run will come to an end.

We will ALL hate that a whole lot more. You know the old Joni Mitchell line...You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Give this Mike bashing a rest. It is just SO old...and useless.

What are you listening to right now? lots of different stuff from Joe Bonamassa's new cd to 'Made In California'

Re: I don't hate Mike Love

So true Lee the guys wont be around to much longer on stage that is we should celebrate the time we have, I am seeing Mike In Manchester in May and my dreams come true to see Brian and Al in Liverpool in September its going to be the best year ever, hope you all on this forum have a great year with the best band in my eyes ever. Happy Easter to you all

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Re: I don't hate Mike Love

Lee Marshall
Hate? Mike? Or any of the guys? There's no time for THAT. I mean really!!! Give this Mike bashing a rest. It is just SO old...and useless.

Have to say that I've changed my mind on all of this Patricia. Following a few more years of relentless Brian bashing by that 'love' that book!!!? Well?...I've had enough.

I still don't hate him but he's more than burned up all of the goodwill he ever created for himself over 50 L O N G years ago. No I don't hate him but I have absolutely no respect for him and his ongoing, never-ending, incessant "nourishment and revenge" 'needs'.

Time for him to pack it in and shut up.

What are you listening to right now? John Mayer...with Al and Matt...NO Mike required