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Favourite Beach Boy Songs

Gosh there are so many to choose from, my favourites are Surfer Girl and Little GTO. GTO is great for my cardio exercises its fast paced and I am surprised I can keep in time with the music!! Its fun to dance to and I think my keep fit teacher will use it ( once this nasty virus has gone away) in my weekly class.

Getting a good night's sleep was until now impossible for me, I used to lie awake for hours worrying and crying about all sorts of things, something had to be done, I found one of my BB cds and found Surfer Girl on one of them. That night I played it, together with my mood light which projects ocean waves on my wall and ceiling in the colour of blue, my sleeping pattern came back!1 I now have 8 hours of slumber.

To think if I hadn't discovered this beautiful lullaby I would be taking sleeping pills instead!! ( no thanks)