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Australian Rhett Mays Creatures of the Night Featured in New Single Spotlight

Music Daily by The Music Netwrork (Australia’s #1 Music Business Channel) recently featured Rhett May’s “Creatures of the Night” in their New Single Spotlight! Here is a selection from the article:
“Calcutta-born Rhett May founded pop groups The Wooly Bullys and The Flint Stones in India, attracting the attention of George Harrison and Apple Records in the late 60s; he moved to Perth in 1969 and fronted Lucifer, who opened for Ray Charles and Queen during Australian tours in the 1970s.

Creatures of the Night is the title track from his new album, following on from 2015’s Fast Cars & Sitars. One of the many projects May has in the works, including a book of his over 200 written poems and another full-length LP to be released later, Creatures of the Night is a collection of 13 diverse tracks that feature May’s proficiency on vocals, sitar, and guitar…”

One of the most impressive features of May’s album is the stylistic fusion that he creates. Rhett May masterfully displays his knowledge of jazz, funk, pop and psychedelic as well as the core rock sound that he is known for.

To get a taste of what the album has to offer, head to Noisetrade here: where Rhett is giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Lexxi May”. If you love what you hear, then head to iTunes here: to get yourself a copy of the album.

Keep up with Rhett check out his Facebook here: , Twitter here: and ReverbNation here: or discover more through his official website at