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Mike Love's book

Hello to all the Beach Boy and Mike Love fans:

I just finished reading Mike's book and am so happy that he decided to share his story with us. After all he has been somewhat of a mystery to us in that we have only heard other people's version of his life. What most impressed me was his willingness to tell it all including the difficult parts. To do so must not have been easy. There were definitely some rough spots along the way, but as he is always a positive person he tried to make the best of each situation. There is no doubt that his strength of character, spirituality, and above all, love of the music carried him through. I so much admire his love for his family and respect of his parents and grandparents. Like most of us he is not perfect, but I believe he is honest and full of heart. Imagine the life he has had. The good and the bad, the happy and sad, and the years of struggle to regain what was rightfully his. Most of us would have given up, but he had the dedication to continue to bring the Beach Boy's music to all corners of the world. Good for him, and lucky for us. I have chatted with him couple of times and can see that he cares about his fans. In fact I believe he sincerely cares about all people.

To me the Beach Boys are like our children in that we have to love them all equally. That's what made the reunion tour so special. I will admit to my partiality to Mike because I see how hard he works to entertain us and keep the music alive. I am grateful and look forward to the next concert.

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