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Re: I don't hate Mike Love

Lee Marshall
Hate? Mike? Or any of the guys? There's no time for THAT. I mean really!!! Give this Mike bashing a rest. It is just SO old...and useless.

Have to say that I've changed my mind on all of this Patricia. Following a few more years of relentless Brian bashing by that 'love' that book!!!? Well?...I've had enough.

I still don't hate him but he's more than burned up all of the goodwill he ever created for himself over 50 L O N G years ago. No I don't hate him but I have absolutely no respect for him and his ongoing, never-ending, incessant "nourishment and revenge" 'needs'.

Time for him to pack it in and shut up.

What are you listening to right now? John Mayer...with Al and Matt...NO Mike required