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An Inside Look Of The Life Of A Beach Boy As Narrated By Mike Love

Looking to curl up by a fire (or a beach) with a good Book, eBook, Kindle Book or AudioBook over the Holidays? Mike Love of the Beach Boys has a provocative biography out called “Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy”.
Check out an audio preview here at:

The book delves into the back story of how his family wound up in Southern California living on a beach in a tent, as well as the story of the relationship with the Wilson cousins – and what it was like growing up.

When we all listened to the Beach Boys, every conjured image was that of charmed lives, happy go lucky existence, carefree life, beaches and sunshine. Mike’s journey was for the most part happy, but the challenges that came along with the Beach Boys fame was not always so.

Both the book and audiobook have been on the New York Best Seller List since a week after release, make it your own or give it to the Beach Boys fanatic as a gift! Get it at Penguin Random House Books online here: (Hardcover, AudioBook or eBook), Amazon here: (Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback Book ), Walmart here: (Hardcover Book) or Barnes & Noble here: (Hardcover Book).