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Reaching out to Mike!

Mike Love! My name is Sarah Rose and I am a 27 year old Jacksonville, Florida native. My dad has been a fan of yours for years, and so have I! The Beach Boys was my first concert ever (I was 8 or 9 years old) and anytime you are in or around Jacksonville my dad and I go to your show! I have probably been to 15 of your concerts, thanks to my dad. My dad is big into boating and having a good time! Anybody that has been on the boat with my dad or to the Florida Keys with my family knows that the only CD that he owns is The Beach Boys greatest hits! I can proudly say that thanks to him my friends and I know all the words to all the songs! Haha. My dad always talks about the first time he saw you guys in 1961 and you all were wearing your pin stripes shirts, we also decided when I was about 10 that we would be dancing to "Surfer Girl" at my wedding. Well, May 16th is your next show in Jacksonville, Florida, and I would LOVE for my dad to be able to meet you!! He always does everything for everyone and I want to do this for him! He is the best! We will be boating all day that day before the show, so if you feel like going on a nice cruise of the St. John's River, he would be HONORED to take you for a ride! Thank you for many years of good music and dancing! Hope to hear from you soon!

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