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The Mike Love Fan Club
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Well, I wish that I could say that Mike Love is a good guy, but he is not. Brian Wilson was the best Beach Boy, hands down. My question to you is, How can a club like this celebrate a man who is a sue happy, egotistical person who is inferior to Wilson, but does not hesitate to kick him out?



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Re: How?

Brian left the tour of his own accord in December, 1964 and didn't return for 15 years and only sporadically since them. Mike wasn't given credit for co-writing most of the hits by Murry Wilson. The only way to get rightful ownership was to sue. Brian would have probably agreed to add him as co-writer but it has to be done in a court of law due to BMI, ASCAP, etc. considerations. Apparently, you do not know what you are talking about.

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