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VIP tours

I bought VIP tickets to the Hot Summer Nights concert in Reno, but my husband passed away and I was not able to attend. I was heartbroken. I did go to 6 other Beach Boys concerts this summer, but I want very much to have the VIP experience that I missed. I live in Salt Lake City and would travel to any concerts on the West side of the US. I see on Mike's website that the Beach Boys will be in Washington, Oregon and Arizona after they return from overseas, but Mike has not posted if there will be VIP tickets to any of those concerts. Do you know when he will let us know if there will be upgrades to those concerts so I can plan a road trip? I am a huge fan and have never gone a year without going to a Beach Boys concert since they began. I have seen over 200 concerts Beach Boys shows and will continue to follow them as long as they tour.