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The Mike Love Fan Club
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Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY

Dear Mike Love,

Thank you for your music contribution to our lives both young and old.
Thought you might like to know the influence your music had on my 3 year old granddaughter Christina l9 years ago. From the time she first heard your song Kokomo on the car radio she loved it!!! Her grandfather made her a tape that repeated the song over and over. She knew every word and would sing along with you.
Christina is now 22 and has seem 3 of your concerts. We have orchestra seats for your concert April 9 at the Turning Stone, Verona, N.Y. When you sing Kokomo I see the sparkle of a 3 year old in her eyes and it makes me happy the younger generation appreciates our kind of music.

Thanks for the years of entertainment,
Christina's grandparents
Jessie and Bill

What are you listening to right now? Paul Anka