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Mike doesn't deserve the negative comments

I am a huge fan of the Beach Boys and have probably attended at least 70 of their concerts over the years including the reunion tour last year. I don't understand why people go on Mike's fan Club website and write such rude remarks. I didn't hear all of this criticism when David Marks couldn't tolerate Murry's abuse and left the group. I didn't hear all these negative remarks when Brian was unable to continue touring or broke with the Beach Boys and listened to Dr. Landy try to get rich and famous off of him. There were no grumblings when Dennis and Brian were zoned out on drugs and no one cared that Jeffrey Foskett had to stand between Brian and the rest of the band and sing Brian's parts along with him on the tour last year. Why is Mike the subject of all the criticism? Mike has loved the Beach Boys for 50 years and has kept the band alive. No one else in the band can be the personality or the MC of the group like Mike. The reunion tour was meant to be a one year reunion and we were all so lucky to have had the chance to see the band all together again for that year. I think posting all of the negative and mean remarks just encourages the band members to not want to get together again. Every one of the band members contributes to the excellence of the Beach Boys and I am happy to see them in any groupings that can work for them.