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People that think they can get rich off of someone elses hard work.

There is a BOY in Panama City Beach Fl. that has been making money off of the name you created many years ago; yes, The BEACH BOYS name is being used for his Taxi and shuttle company. I would venture to guess that there is some copy right law being infringed upon and if so he possibly could owe you lots of money in royalties.
If nothing else he makes a bad name for Beach Boys because he has no moral values,
he has bad work ethics and if it were my name I would want him stripped of it.
You and I were raised in a time when ties were about the surf, good clean fun, and music that reflected good wholesome values. I hope you will let your manager and your attournies earn their money and go after this guy and put him in his place. Please do not let it be known where you got this information but please let me know if it helps you. I dont want to see the BEACH BOYS name tarnished. I have loved the Beach Boys music since I can remember knowing what music was. at least 40-45 years.
All my love KerBer.

What are you listening to right now? Nothing but my thoughts.