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Mike Love IS the Beach Boys

Honestly he is. He is obviously the best singer of the band and his lyrics to "California Girls" read like poetry on the printed page. He IS Mister Positivity whereas Brian's music is so depressing. I mean who really wants to listen to Pet Sounds? And don't even get me started about that psychedelic nonsense that came after. What we want is more fun in the sun type of songs. My favorite Beach Boys songs are "Barbara Ann", "Beach Baby", "409" and "Seasons In the Sun". Those are classics.

Honestly, the Beach Boys don't need Brian, Al or whatever that other guy's name is. I can't wait to catch their act at the next county fair.

What are you listening to right now? "Wrinkles" from Country Love

Re: Mike Love IS the Beach Boys

If not for your name I might have gone crazy.

Re: Mike Love IS the Beach Boys

You cannot be serious! Mike Love is not The Beach Boys by far. Brian's music is depressing? Beach Baby and Seasons In The Sun are not even Beach Boys songs. Go back into the catalog and tell me how many Beach Boys songs Mike wrote without Brian? You see the songs would have been made with or without Mike can you say the same about Brian?

Mike helped Brian pen some great songs but make no mistake Brian could not have been replaced in the early stages of this band to succeed! If Brian would have left in '63 Mike could have not carried The Beach Boys. Pet Sounds is the greatest album ever made and if Good Vibrations would have been completed in time to add to Pet Sounds it would even be more of an iconic record.

Dennis and Carl carried the Beach Boys in the '70's. Carl and Brian were the best singers in the band. Mike serving as a solid front man. His nasal toned voice was great for the car/surf songs. You can't deny Carl singing God Only Knows but maybe you can since Mike had no writing credit.

Brian helped Jan Berry pen some great songs for Jan & Dean as well. Your opinion is your opinion and not one that many true Beach Boys fans will agree with!

Re: Mike Love IS the Beach Boys

Buster, don't share those drugs. They're clearly toxic.

What are you listening to right now? Surf's Up

Re: Mike Love IS the Beach Boys

Mike Love was totally right in killing SMiLE. What a load of nonsense that thing was! At least Mike Love writes deep songs about real topics like cars, girls and surfing. Plus he has this charisma in the rock music industry that is unbeatable: everybody loves Mike Love because he is such a great public speaker at awards ceremonies and makes very witty comments between songs at a live concert. And the sax part that he fakes in the Kokomo video is shear talented genius. Did you know that he even met the Beatles in India once?

I agree with Buster. And where would we be without songs like "Santa's Going To Kokomo" and "Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter"? Right now I've mostly been listening to Broke Back Honkey Tonk though.

What are you listening to right now? Gay Country